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July 8, 2018
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3 Great Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Hire Freelancers..

Let me guess, you are reading this because you’re either a freelancer or an employer of a small business that is ‘possibly’ interested in the 3 reasons why outsourcing is such a good idea?

Here are three good reasons below.


The saying is true, how many times have you tried to do absolutely everything? Not only does it use a lot of your precious time, uses lots of your energy, wasting your own money trying to do something you don’t understand OR you just don’t get it right altogether! Being a small business owner, doing everything yourself not only is it natural to think this way, it is also a bad idea, you’re more likely to fail in many ways doing this and most probably will burn a HUGE hole in your pocket doing so. Outsourcing your tasks to a professional freelancer is the best thing to do, they are specialists for a reason, they handle your work for you and drive the results you need to grow your brand new venture.



Believe me, it is! Businesses these days, especially those who run online businesses need a digital presence to survive. This will include EVERYTHING from Social Media, Email Marketing, Networking, Search Engine Optimisation, a Website, Blogging, you name it! Some companies just go all out and hire internals which is fine if you have the budget to spend on the monthly paid internals. Say if you hired 4 specialists at £1500 – £2000 per month the bill is pretty heavy for the year. You will be surprised at how many bloggers will happily do a blog for £40 each, so one per week for 4 weeks, you pay £160 a month, see the difference? You can hire a great freelancer and work monthly on great retainer contracts for the work you need and save a good amount of money per month.


When hiring freelancers the talent is endless, lots of freelancers are found in groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, you name it! Many go to meetups, networking groups and they constantly share knowledge and learn things the typical 9 – 5 workers wouldn’t have the time for. Being a freelancer you’re ‘free’ to do more of this stuff and to better knowledge. The resource pool is huge! It means you can work with select freelancers with different skill sets for different jobs that an internal may not be able to do. For example, a 9 – 5 worker may be SMASHING at social media marketing but not so good at PPC (Pay Per Click) which would be down to a professional Adwords freelancer to administrate and run based on their certifications, experience, and client portfolio.

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