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Why Freelance Near Me

- February 09, 2019

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Why You Should be on Freelance Near Me


Are you looking to showcase your skills as a freelancer on a new, attractive, user-friendly and cost-effective platform?
Are you an employer looking to outsource projects to freelance specialists on a free, non-subscription platform?

Welcome to Freelance Near Me.

Reasons to use Freelance Near Me

What is Freelance Near Me?

Set up by Matthew Mountain, this business aims to fill a gap in the market for freelancers and business owners.

Put simply, employers post project briefs and freelancers bid on these.

It is free for employers and freelancers to register, and, what’s more, there is no subscription fee for either.

How will it benefit me as an employer?

As a business owner or employer, you can post as many projects as you want and you are in control of seeing bids, browsing freelancer profiles and shortlisting for the job in hand.

You may be looking for help with social media marketing, a new website, a revamp of an existing one.

You will have short and long-term goals and may want to generate immediate enquiries through a SEO specialist, or an email marketer, or a niche copywriter, for example.

Freelance Near Me can help your business achieve these goals.

How will it benefit me as a freelancer?

Freelance Near Me is a great way to showcase your profile and skill sets, without onerous costs. It is free to register your profile and you only pay as you go for “bid” credits. These are very affordable, compared with other bidding platforms.

One of the most common complaints from freelancers is about payment. You complete the freelance project, send an invoice and often have to then wait and wait.

Freelance Near Me is delighted to have formed a partnership with PAYSAP, a company who offer affordable fixed cost invoicing plans, through its “paygents”. We also offer an integrated Escrow system.

How much do bids cost?

Bid packages are more affordable and offer a higher bid count offering. Other platforms are increasing costs too, and to give a current example, the most expensive bid package we offer, costs £32.50 for 1000 bids, whilst a rival charges £39.50 for just 600 bids. You can, of course, buy smaller bid packages.

As well as bids being affordable, you retain 100% of the sales as the platform is commission-free.

If your bid of £200 is accepted by an employer, you keep all £200.

What makes Freelance Near Me different?

This new platform aims to match UK and Irish employers, SMEs, established businesses with UK-based freelancers. The employer pays no fees to register, post projects and manage bids; the freelancer only pays to bid and keeps all the project costs. The only costs are the business owner paying the freelancer for the project and the freelancer paying a token amount to bid.

Your next steps as an employer

As an employer, a business owner, an SME, you can register and post projects on Freelance Near Me.
Browse profiles, chat, share files and collaborate.

Your next steps as a freelancer

Sign up and create a profile showcasing your experience, skills and hourly rate.
Browse projects and begin bidding by clicking Apply.
Register a free account today and post your first project for free:

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